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Zhilian plastic injection mould

Posted by admin on Dec 28th, 2015

Huangyan Zhilian Plastic Injection Mould Company was established in 2011, is a professional company for designing & manufacturing of plastic injection moulds and molding business. We offer customer one-stop service including Mould development, Injection molding, Painting, Printing, Assembly and Packaging.

We have the facilities and experience to take your idea from initial concept to prototype and finally finished products, mainly we are focusing on household appliance mould, garden products mould, industrial appliance mould, agricultural tool mould vehicle products mould, etc. Our advantage is that we are very good at Thermoplastic mould, Thermoset mould, Prototype, Over-moulding, and Double shot mould, and we have serial tonnage presses of injection machines to produce customized products per customer requests, what’s more, we have long terms partners offer us the most competitive price for Painting, Printing, Assembly and Packaging, therefore save you a lot of time and costs.

Zhilian Mould concentrates on High quality moulds/products with unbeatable price, in order to reach this target, we organized a great team of designers and project managers, they are ready to solve your any difficulties through their professional knowledge and skills. We are not only proficient in international mould industry standards like HASCO, DME, MISUMI, but also good at using the technology of Hot runner systems, Heat insulation runner system, Moldflow analysis, Gas-assistance in mould designing and manufacturing, by this way we gained excellent reputation, and built long terms cooperation with clients from Europe, South & North America and Asia.

“High quality, Low cost, High efficiency” is our goal, “Customer-oriented” is our principle, “Employee-oriented” is our way to keep competitiveness,
“Environmental-friendly” is our responsibility. Zhilian Mould is always ready to listen to you, let”s create a bright future together!

Posted by Alice
Company Name: Huangyan Zhilian Mould &Plastic Co.,Ltd
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