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water bottle and cap mould production line solution supplier

Posted by admin on Aug 2nd, 2018

ZL mould is a factory from China, we have rich experience in bottle cap injection mould, bottle tube injection mould, bottle  blowing production line.

Attached is the new series of water bottle cap production line sample.

bottle cap production line

bottle cap production line

water cap production line solution:

Combination: 1 tube injection mould, 1 bottle blowing mould, 1+1 bottle cap injection mould,2 cavity injection connector mould, 2+2+2 spare parts injection mould.  Bottle is could be suitable with 2 type of different cap

tube injection mould with  big gate, H13 steel, fall automatically. 2 different type of cap mould, 718H steel, 1+1 cavity, cold runner, ejection by plate,auto drop.1 Spare parts injection mould with 2+2+2 cavity, 718H steel, ejection by ejector pin, fall drop.  connector mould also is a full drop mould.

The features for Zhilian mould in plastic water bottle and cap production line  filed:

1.Good design team can provide nice and functional design according to your requirements to meet you needs,to control the prodcut’s weight under the condition of enough support force;

2.Rich experience in different standard size of plastic bottle and cap mould manufacturing;

3.Mould flow analysis for each bottle and cap mould:which can help to make how big of gate suitable for bottle and cap.

4.Good cooling system for plastic  bottle and cap mould could help to reduce the cycle time and avoid deformation.

5.After service is important too,free charge of spare part will be delivery with mould.Spoort you our all-round dechinical solution during mould running period.

Choose us as a supplier,you will get best mould experience.Thanks


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