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The structure of plastic injection mould

Posted by admin on July 7th, 2015

1, Molding parts. Molding material is the part which can shape the products, and form the structure and size of the products. Usually consists of core, die cavity and screw-type core, inserts and the like.

2, Gating system. Gateing system is the part which lead the molten plastic from the injection machine nozzle to the tunnel closed mold cavity, usually by the sprue, runner, gate, and cold well composed.

3, Guiding parts. This is part is playing a positioning role which is to ensure the guide member when the movable mold and the fixed mold closure can be precisely aligned and set. It is composed of the guide post and guide sleeve, and some molds are still top of the guide member panel set up to ensure the smooth and reliable ejection mechanism motion

4, The ejection mechanism. This part is to help the plastic parts eject from the casting system, and it has many forms. the most commonly used is ram jacking, roof and pneumatic ejection mechanism, etc., generally by the mandrel, the reset lever, slingshot , ejector fixing plate, top plate (top ring) and roof pillar / bushings and other components.

5, Pulling mechanism.  with side holes or the concave side, the plastic parts should be ejected before released. You must first use Lateral pulling or separate the slide (side parting) before they can successfully mold.

6, Mold temperature regulating system in order to meet the injection molding process to mold temperature requirements, the need for mold temperature regulation system (eg: cooling water, hot water, hot oil and electric heating systems, etc.) on a mold temperature adjusting means.

7, The exhaust system in order to smooth discharge of the gas in the cavity, often open exhaust ducts in the mold parting line, putting a lot of mold or other moving parts: the gap (such as a slider) can also be played exhaust effect.

8, Other structural part refers to meet the requirements on the mold structure and set parts (such as: fixed plate, moving / stationary platen, head support, the support plate and connecting screws, etc.).

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