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The selection of gate location

Posted by admin on July 14th, 2015

Location and number of gates often determines the appearance of quality and performance, so when choose the location and quantity of gate, you need to consider these things as following:

1. The gate should be set to enable the cavity be filled every corner position at the same time.

2. The melted plastic injected into the cavity should remain a stable flow rate at all stages of the injection molding process.

3. Gate should be located in the thicker parts of the products so that the melt plastic can flow into thin sections from thick sections to facilitate feeding and ensure complete filling.

4.  The flow path of melted plastic should be the shortest in order to reduce the loss caused by pressure.

5. The position of the gate should be chosen in favor of exclude the air in the cavity.

6. The gate should not make the melted plastic flow straight into the cavity, otherwise it will produce a swirling, leaving the spiral marks on the plastic parts, especially the narrow gate is more prone to this defect.

7. You should consider some possible results like weld marks, bubbles, depression, virtual spaces, shooting rubber shortage and paste, etc.

8. Gate location should be chosen to avoid product surface weld line of site. When you can not avoid the generation of weld lines, select gate location should take into account the pattern produced by the fusion site is appropriate.

9. The gate should be set to avoid melt fracture phenomenon.

10. The gate should be set up without affecting the surface appearance of the site.

11. Should try to make easy operation in addition to the outlet, preferably automatic operation of the operation.

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