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The process of plastic pallet mould making

Posted by admin on Jun 27th, 2015

1. Advantages of Zhilian Mould:

1. Advanced technology

2. Professional design

3. Excellent quality

4. Competitive price

5. Considerate service

6. On time delivery

2. There are three levels of mold quality for your option.

Option A: Level A quality(Highest Level Quality)

Mould Base:  DEM, HASCO, LKM

Core/Cavity:  S136, SKD61,NAK80,H13

Slider/Insert: S136

Mould spare parts:  DME, HASCO


Mould Life:1,000,000 shots

Cycle Time:20s

Option B: Level B quality(Middle Level Quality)

Mould Base: self-made

Core/Cavity: 718H

Slider/Insert:  718H, 2738

Mould spare parts: Jinhong, China

Hot Runner:  YUDO

Mould Life:800,000 shots

Cycle Time:22s

Option C: Level C quality(Lowest Level Quality)

Mould Base: self-made

Core/Cavity: P20

Slider/Insert: P20

Mould spare parts: Jinhong,China

Hot Runner:  Zhilian, China

Mould Life:500,000 shots

Cycle Time:23s

3. Mould making process:

prepare steel: 5 days

CNC machining: 10 days

Drill: 8 days

Heat treatment: 6 days

High speed CNC machining: 6 days

Assembling and fitting: 6 days

Polishing: 6 days

T1 moult test:2 days

Total: It is 45-50 days for frist mould testing after mould design is confermed.

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