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The preparation before injection

Posted by admin on Jun 19th, 2015

In order to produce high quality product, before injection, some things Zhilian mould company will be prepared, such as have a check with the material: color, fineness, homogeneous degree, if necessary, also have a check in processing property. As to the material with strong hygroscopicity, like PA, PC, ABS, it must be preheated and dried before molding, clear the water and volatile matter in material, preventing the air bubble and sliver line in the product.

If it need to change the kind of material or change the color of the material, or the material be thermal decomposed, then Zhilian mould will clean the hopper. Generally, the hopper of a plunger type injection machine always has a big capacity, so it must be stripped for cleaning. As to screw type hopper, we can clean the hopper by inject to air.

Regarding to the product with insert, as the shrinkage of metal and plastic are different, the plastic around the insert will easy appear the shrink stress and cracks, and thus Zhilian mould will preheat the insert to decrease the temperature difference to prevent the stress and cracks. If the inserts is small and the plastic has good flexibility, then the insert preheat can be left out.

In order to make the product easy dropped off from the mould, we can spray the mould release agent on cavities and cores to help the product dropped.

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