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The injection molding

Posted by admin on Jun 7th, 2015

Injection molding is principally used for thr production of the thermoplastic parts, although some progress has benn made in developing a method for injection molding som e thermosetting materials. The problem of injecting a metlted plastic into a mold cavity from a reservoir of melted material has been extremely difficult to solve for thermosetting plastic which cure and harden under such conditions within a few minutes.

The principle of injection molding is quite similar to that of die-casting. The process consists of feeding a plastic compound in powdered or granular form from a hopper through metering and melting stages and then injecting it into a mold. After a brief cooling period, the mold is opened and the solidified part ejected. Injection-molding machines can be arranged for manual operation, automatic single-cycle operation, and full automatic operation.

The advantage of injection molding are:

(i) a high molding spped adapted for mass production id possible;

(ii) there is a wide choice of the thermoplastic materaila providing a variety of useful properities;

(iii) it is possible to mold threads, undercuts, side hole, and large thin sections.

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