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The importance of the cooling system

Posted by admin on Jun 12th, 2015

In plastic injection mould, cooling system is very important. A good cooling system can shorten the cycle time and improve the production efficiency. If it cannot be even cooled, the product will be out of shape and even crack. Thus the cooling system should be designed according to product’s shape, wall thickness and material. Now let me introduce the basic principle during cooling system design.

1. The number of water channel should be as more as possible and the cross section area of the channel should be as large as possible.

In order to make the temperature distribution more even and prevent the uneven shrinkage and emerge of residual stress, we should add more water channel and use large cross section area if it is allowed.

1) The distance of water channel from cavity surface

When the product’s wall thickness is even then the distance should be similar. However, if the wall thickness is uneven, the water channel should be closer to cavity surface in the thick part and the distance between water channels also can be small. Generally, the water channel is about 10-15 mm far away from cavity surface.

2) The distribution of entrance and exit of the water channel

There are two problems should pay attention to about the distribution: one is about the cooling in the sprue gate and another is temperature difference between entrance and exit.When the material filling in the cavities, the temperature around gate is most high and the more far away from the gate the lower the temperature is, thus, the cooling should be enhanced around the gate, that is to say, the entrance of the water channel should be arranged near the gate.

2. In order to reduce the temperature difference in cooling system, the water channel also should be arranged according the cavity shape.

3. Cooling water channel should be designed in the direction of plastic shrinkage, especially of the plastic with high shrinkage like PE, PP.

4. Cooling water channel should be avoid the part where weld line easy appear, this part has low temperature, if we set the water channel here, it will make it more easy to appear the weld line.

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