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Stacking Mould Made by Zhilian

Posted by admin on Feb 25th, 2016

Zhilian Mould has many experiences in stacking mould manufacturing, guarantee mould life with 10 million shots. Good cooling system. Accurate products weight controlling for each caivty, we have made a lot of knife mould, fork mould and spoon mould.

Stacking Mould Name : Disposable Tableware Mould
Product description: PP, PS material knife, fork and spoon
Stacking Mould cavity: 24 cavity
Stacking Mould Size: dia.550x450mm
Suitable machine: 330t Dakumar machine
Stacking Mould material:
Stacking Mould life: >100000 shots
Runner system: 1 Point hot runner

Ejection system: ejector pin
Stacking Mould running: Full automaticity
Stacking Mould features: Simple structure Mould , Good cooling water system, Excellent product sub-type effect, Accurate weight control products
Injection cycle time : 8 seconds
Delivery time : 50 days

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