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Posted by admin on Jun 15th, 2015

The runner is a channel machined into the mould plate to connect the sprue with the entrance to the impression. The wall of the ruuner channel must be smooth to prevent any restriction to flow. Also, as the runner has to be removed with the molding, there must be no machine marks left which would tend to retain the runner in the mould plate. To ensure that these points are met, it is desirable for the mould designer to specify that the runner is polished “in line of draw”.

There are some other considerations for the designer to bear in mind: (i) the shape of the cross section of the runner; (ii) the size of the ruuner; (iii) the runner layout.

Runner cross-section shape

The cross-section shape of the ruuner used in a mould is usually one of four forms: (a) fully round, (b) trapezoidal, (c) modified trapezoidal and (d) hexagonal.

Runner size

When deciding the size of the ruuner the designer must consider the following factors: (i) the wall section and volume od the molding; (ii) the distance of the impression from the main runner or sprue; (iii) runner cooling considerations; (iv) the type of mould maker’s cutters available; (v) the plastics material to be used.

Runner layout

The layout of the runner system will depend upon the following factors: (i) the runner of impression; (ii) the shape of the components; (iii) the type od mould(i.e. two-plate or multi-plate mould); (iv) thetype of gate.

When designing a runner system there are two main considerations. The ruuner length should always be kept to a minimum to reduce pressure losses, and the ruuner system should be balanced.

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