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plastic vegetable crate mould

Posted by admin on Apr 19th, 2017

Zhilian mould is a professional manufacturer for plastic crate mould,we supply vegetable plastic crate mould,meat plastic crate mould,fish plastic crate mould,fruit plastic crate mould,bottle plastic crate mould. As a rich experience plastic crate mould maker,We offer best plastic crate mould design with best cooling system.We supply high quality and best solution of plastic crate mould.


The features for Zhilian mould in logistic mould filed:
1. Rich experience of design team: several years of experience in logistic mould design. Good crate can be designed according to your idea or pictures to meet your needs;
2. Automatic demoulding for all of our logistic moulds: We got high praise from our clients abroad because of good shape and good quality mould;
3. Design the most reasonable runer system according to the part’s function, by using cold runner, pin-point hot runenr system or valve gate hot runner system;
4. Competitive price mould: According to the mold life requirements and market positioning from clients to make the most competitive price mould;
5. After-sales Services: Provide spare parts free of charge within one year.

plastic crate mould from Zhilian,we offer different size of plastic crate mould

For plastic crate product,it requires good outlook,nice design,some also need consider reduce the product weight to save material cost.

plastic crate have different size,we use good material for it.cooling system or hot runner system well designed.The action of plastic crate mould trial is very good and smoothly.

Zhilian mould is the plastic crate mould maker you could trust.We will offer you good mould design,best technical support and wonderful mould service.Thanks.
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