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Plastic pallet mould manufacturing technique

Posted by admin on July 10th, 2015

There are four plastic tray molding methods: The first: injection molding. The second: Extrusion Blow molding. Third: vacuum forming method. Fourth: extrusion molding. Today we will focus on the injection molding.

Plastic pallet is smooth, clean, crisp, dense by injection molding and product design freedom is larger. They are divided into double-sided type integral plastic pallets and double-sided assembled plastic pallets. Double-sided type integral pallet general weight more than 15 kg / block and shape is more complex, always requiring 2,500 tons of clamping force for injection molding machine. This kind of pallet usually modeling complex, investment large and cost is relatively high, but the advantage is less production processes, relatively high production efficiency, better product quality. Most of plastic processing plants not usually using this method.

Double-sided type assembled pallets, that is dividing double-sided type integral pallet into two piece. First respective injection molding and then assembled. Although this product need two mold, mold structure greatly simplified and mold total investment is cheaper than the overall style, at the same time, the requirement of clamping force s are reduced, means that clamping force ≥1500 tons is ok. Plastic processing plants are usually relatively easy to do it. This kind of production may become the mainstream for plastic pallets.

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