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plastic moulds material

Posted by admin on Jun 27th, 2015

As the plastic moulds service life and mould price is directly related to the material type. This article is mainly talking about how to choose the plastic moulds material through analysis from below side: the plastic material, the plastic mould service life and mould price.

First, we need consider the plastic parts material, if normal material like PP, or PE or others, it will not influence much to the mould material, but if the material is special material like PVC, PET, or others, we need to choose special mould material. Because these special plastic materials have erosion or other effects to the moulds.

Second, we need to consider the required mould service life, if the customer required production capacity is very low, very do some market research, then we can choose low level mould material to help customer save cost. If customer required production capacity is very bigger and require long service life, then we should choose better material.

Third, besides the above two points, we also should consider customer target price,try to be more close.

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