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Plastic Injection Crate Mould

Posted by admin on Jun 5th, 2015

Best sale high performance plastic crate mould,plastic injection crate mould,plastic crate mould,disposable crate mould,high speed plastic crate mould,which is excellent quality and cheap price.

We have have much experience in various of high performance plastic crate mould including 2cavities or 4 cavities.

The mould features:

-Choosing the suitable steel for mould core,cavity and mould base,and do the correct harden treatment for each steel,and also control the steel hardness well.Sometime,the most hardness will leading easy damage.
-Good plastic crate mould design,such as optimal cooling system to get the shortest production cycle time, humanized design for maintenance covenience.
-High precise molded plastic crate dimension.all the moving parts and guiding system of crate mould for high precise tooling processed to ensure the crate sample dimension meet with 2D or 3D drawing tolerance.
-Pay high attention to crate mould assembling,all moving parts and guiding system should move smooth when assembling.

Welcome to Zhilian Mould,when you are looking for high performance plastic injection crate mould.

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