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Plastic Houseware Mould by Zhilian

Posted by admin on Qct 30th, 2015

Zhilian Mould is a professional houseware product manufacturer, we have been producing many different styles of  houseware product moulds for customers from all over the world since 2011. The household product moulds takes 30% share in our company moulds.

Chair mould: including ordinary PP chair, PC chair. we can control the gas assistance technology during mould making; we help customer to solve the issue of chair stacking; we can find solution to realize changing insert on injection machine.

Table mould: During design, we will consider to make the anti-deformation structure to avoid the deformation after injection.

Basket mould: we have a whole set mature technology for plastic basket mould, including fruit basket mould, vegetable basket mould, shopping basket mould, laundry basket mould, drain basket mold, folding fruit baskets, hand-held plastic basket mold, picnic basket mold and so on.

Storage container mould: single container mould, complete set of storage lockers, transparent container mould, thin wall container mould, water container mold and so on.

Kitchen ware mould: including cutlery mold, frok mold, spoon mold, plate or dish mold, cup mold, bowl mold, dish rack mold, plastic cutting board mold, plastic vegetables basket mold, drain and basket mold, water dipper mold, plastic saucers mold, basin mold, ice lattice mold, the peeler mold, bottle opener mould and so on.

Houseware product moulds include small and large mould, simple structure and complex structure mould, single part mould and  assembly part mould, non-transparent part and transparent part mould, we can supply customers the reasonable and professional solution of houseware product mould  to get win-win business.

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