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Plastic Home Appliance Molding Solution

Posted by admin on July 1st, 2015

Zhilian mould as a professional manufacturer of plastic home appliance moulds, always offers customers a best plastic home appliance molding solution worldwise. Plastic home appliance molding solution is your best choice.

1.Plastic home appliance molding design and tooling machines solution
Zhilian mould  has the international advance mould machining equipment, such as: CNC, CNC extractive engrave, large-middle rocker drill press, injection and common equipment also have realized the CAD/CAE/CAM mould design, machining, maker in one part.  Zhilian mould have created the new mould manufacture flow, have high improved the mould precision, advance the delivery time, so that let the customer make the profit in the first time. We have abundant mould design, making experience, can design the products, open the mould, also can be injected the plastic parts for our customer.

2.Plastic home appliance molding mould solution
Home applince moulds such as stool mould, chair mould, table mould, air conditioner mould, washing machines mould, refrigerator part moulds and TV set moulds.
Zhilian mould offer customer all kinds of plastic home appliance molding solution and service.
3. Plastic home appliance molding solution of after sale service
Plastic home appliance molding solution of after sale service. Zhilian mould will offer 3D & 2D product design, 3D & 2D mould design, moldflow analysis, special prototype solution for customer, robot design and choose, spare parts and standard components, hot runner & hydraulicy system technical training and service.

Any inquiry about the plastic home appliance mould. Please contact us.
We will give you the best offer.

Posted by Mandy Tang

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