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plastic flower pot mould supplier

Posted by admin on Jun 20th, 2017

Flower pot mould is one of the big item of garden ware products.There are different plastic flower pot mould we could supply such as modern flower pot mould,square flower pot mould,round flower pot mould,plastic hanging pot mould,plastic open pot mould,plastic plant pot mould.

Zhilian mould have been into plastic injection mould area for  11 years.We have experienced mould worker,good mould design team could supply you best mould design and cooling system, efficient item manager to guarantee the best mould solution.

plastic flower pot mould

Detail information of flower pot mould:

Name:plastic injection flower pot mould

Steel: P20,718,2316

Mould Material: P20 for Core and Cavity, S50C for mould base

Gate Type: Hot runner

Mould Running Status: Full automatic

Mould Life:  300,000 shots

Cycle Time: 50s

Applicable Injection Machine: 380 ton machine

Product Materia: PP

Product Dimension: 300*300*280mm

This square flower pot mould is new version we make.50 days delivery time .Very good polish and cooling system are use for this plant pot mould.

If you have any new inquiry need development,welcome to contact me.

Email: sales02@zhilianmould.com

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