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Plastic Dustbin Mould Making

Posted by admin on Sep 12th, 2015

Zhilian Mould is specializing in crate mould, pallet mould, paint bucket mould, food container mould, flowerpot mould and garbage bin mould. For the detailed of the company information, please view our “company profile” on Alibaba carefully. You will get a completed view of this company.

Detailed description of the Dustbin Injection Mould :

Runner Type Cold runner
Mould Size 760*730*1000mm
Mould Weight 4000Kg
No. of Cavity 1 cavity
Product Size 390*400*580mm
Product Material PP
Product Weight 1650g
Surface finish polish
Delivery Time 55 days

There are three levels of mould quality for your option.

Option A:  Level A quality (Highest Level Quality)

Mould Base: LKM,45# Steel

Core/Cavity: 718H+Becu

Slider/Insert: 718H

Mould spare parts: SKD

Hot Runner: YUDO

Mould Life:800,000 shots

Cycle Time:60s

Option B: Level B quality(Middle Level Quality)

Mould Base: 45# Steel,self-made

Core/Cavity: 718H

Slider/Insert: 718H

Mould spare parts: Jinghong, China

Hot Runner: Hongying,China

Mould Life:800,000 shots

Cycle Time:70s

Option C: Level C quality(Lowest Level Quality)

Mould Base: 45# Steel,self-made

Core/Cavity: P20

Slider/Insert: P20

Mould spare parts: Jinghong,China

Hot Runner: Hongying,China

Mould Life:500,000 shots

Cycle Time:75s

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