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Plastic Bottle Crate Mould

Posted by admin on Jun 5th, 2015

We at Zhilian Mould are the leading bottle crate mould manufacturers in Huangyan- the mould town of China. We provide high quality bottle crate mould designed specifically to hold and transport bottles with exact dimensions. Whether you need cola crate mould or a beer crate mould, we can design and manufacture crates for your precise needs. Our product of  plastic bottle crate mould can meet  many multi-national companies who supply milk, beer, cola and many other beverages that are supplied in bottle packaging worldwide.

We have systemized the course to streamline the entire order procedure. We move ahead step by step, ensuring perfection and clarity at the same time. We are honest in all our dealings and expect the same from our clients. Our pre-sales executive team shares the quotation for FOB, CRF and CIF based on the drawings or samples of the bottle crates provided by the clients. Once the agreement is signed on a contract and a part payment is made, we start designing the optimization mould. We do not commence the production procedure until the customer approves the sample. Our mould samples are exact in terms of design, dimensions, finishing and quality to what we deliver finally to the client. The remaining payment is done after the final mould is approved and confirmed and subsequently, the final consignment is delivered to the client.

Our plastic bottle crate mould is designed and developed using high speed injection moulding technique. We ensure outstanding finish and exact dimensions can offer paramount quality plastic bottle crate mould. That quality of  it all and that’s the core reasons for our clients to come back to us with greater requirements every time.

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