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Pallet Mould

Posted by admin on July 4th, 2012

Pallet Mould is one of our main mould series, Wherever high mechanical strength and rigidity are paramount, Zhilian Pallet MOULDS prepreg on rolls is the ideal solution. Workable by hot press moulding, the multifunctional structural parts are well suited above all for large surfaces.
ZHILIAN has a modern laboratory with presses with capacities from 200t up to 2,000t to form high-precision parts in a wide range of shapes and sizes for trial and test purposes. Synchronisation control accounts for constant wall thickness even with highly complex or extremely thin-walled parts.
To be one of leader Pallet mould Makers in China, Zhilian Pallet Mould contains Pallet Pallet Moulds, Tray Pallet Moulds, Plastic Auto Pallet Moulds, Door Pallet moulds, Bathroom Pallet moulds, Manhole Cover Pallet Moulds and other Pallet moulds.
Zhilian Pallet mould is becoming more and more famous Pallet mould maker in plastic injection moulding industry, would like to be your honest Pallet mould suppliers.

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