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Opening construction of 3 plate mold type

Posted by admin on Jun 27th, 2015

picture below is shown three plate condition when open

1. Sprue Cut Opening
2. Runner Opening
3. Product Opening

1. sprue cut opening
this opening will cut sprue from nozzle, so the feeding runner can take easily by arm robot or manually by hand, this opening use puller bolt and runner stripper plate to cut the sprue. the stripper plate will move after puller bolts pulled by cavity plate, remember that puller bolts also end mounted in cavity plate.
the opening length between 5mm until 10mm.
2. runner opening
this opening use tho open runner system, than runner will take by robot or manually,this opening will make space between stripper plate and cavity plate.
to make sure this runner opening safely, attach spring in puller bolts between stripper plate and cavity plate, or use other methods like attach spring in out of puller bolts. length of this opening is same with runner length + 20 mm.

3. product opening, as we know this opening is to open the product, make space so the product can be ejected from core.
this opening length is about length the product + length robot arm + 10 until 20 mm to make save space when product ejected.

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