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Nine foot pallet mold

Posted by admin on July 31st, 2015

Zhilian mould are professional in manufacturing different kinds of pallet moulds, such as nine-foot pallet mould, double sides pallet mould, four-window pallet moulds and three-runner pallet mould.

Zhilian mould has strict quality control system and high efficiency work team, our engineers and masters had at least 10 years experience in moulds. zhilian mould company also has the advanced equipments for mould manufacture as well as the qualified trained employees. All the moulds supplied by zhilian mould company are with the following features: high precision, long life, short delivery time, reasonable price, and satisfactory service.

Here are one nine foot pallet specification:

Moulds Name : Nine foot pallet mold
Moulds cavity: 1 cavity
Moulds Size: 1200x1000x60mm
Suitable machine: 2200T Haitian machine
Moulds material: cavity and core is P20H, slide is 718H
Moulds life: 300000 shots
Runner system: 24 point local YODO hot runner
Ejection system: hydraulic injector
Moulds running: Full automaticity
Lead time: 85days
Injection cycle time : 60 seconds

Zhilian mould company are sincerely welcome you to visit company and extend business.

Zhilian mould company adheres to the philosophy of people-oriented and quality live, make better without end.

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