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Mold Wall Thickness

Posted by admin on Nov 11th, 2015

Local thick wall thickness, wrong position of gates and cooling layout would lead to sink marks, trapped air, deformation and burns on the injection parts, the following will analyses some factors:

Wall Thickness:

The wall thickness should keep same to avoid the sharp transition zone and big different cross-section.otherwise,they will invite the uneven shrinkage ,which is reason for the drawback of surface.The wall thickness scope is between from 1 to 6mm,and the common thickness is 1.8~3mm,which depends on the geometry of plastic part and plastic material.
 photo 3_zpsmhokqcmv.jpg

Also the wall thickness design is related with the flow distance of the melt plastic; the flow distance is a cover space of melt plastic from gate to the far end of the cavity. Under normal process, the flow distance is proportional to the thickness of plastic parts. The larger the plastic wall thickness is, the longer the flow distance will be.

the problems invited by uneven wall thickness:

1.Local thick wall would lead to the sink marks on the surface:
 photo 2_zpsyirtqlgu.jpg   photo 2_zpsyirtqlgu.jpg

The thin wall would lead to hesitation flow

 photo -3_zps7icceyr3.jpg

Spigot: gradual transition wall thickness design would eliminate the white spot on the surface

 photo S_zpsip1vifun.jpg

On the picture below, the slot is too deep, which lead to the deformation of the bottom and the solution is to deduce the depth of the slot and make the wall thickness even.
wall thickness photo QQ20150524130536_zpsmh7zp5lg.jpg


Glossing:the sharp corner will lead to glossing
 photo sharp corner_zpsaikrn92z.png

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