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medical trash can mold supplier from China

Posted by admin on Mar 31st, 2020

As the COVID-19 epidemic is getting more and more badly, medical systems in the world are facing tremendous pressure. The timely replenishment and supply of medical resources is a very important relief for the medical system. As a plastic-related industry, plastic molds can also increase their contribution to the epidemic.

Zhilian Mould has rich experience in medical sealed trash can mould, medical chip pallet mould, general medical pallet mould.

Medical sealed dustbin molds must have high design requirements, and cuboid trash cans are more prone to eccentricity. To improve the eccentricity of the trash can mold, the key point is mold processing and mold assembly. The design of the trash can mold mostly adopts the two-part core inlay method.This method can not only solve the processing problem, but also help customers save time and cost. Because the depth of the trash can is relatively high, the depth of the machined blade Insufficient, it is prone to the situation of incomplete processing. In this case, adding EDM to improve the details processing will take a lot of time and also increase a lot of unnecessary costs.Use two-part core could increase processing accuracy by quick machine, processing costs will decrease, and two pieces of material can be processed at the same time.

Another key point  to make high quality medical dustbin moulds is experienced mould maker。For a trash can mold, the most important part is cooling water channel,no matter for  later maintenance or  production process. If cooling channel leaks, it is a big trouble for dustbin production. Our mold maker makes at least 10 large trash can molds per year. We have very rich experience on how to assemble the trash can molds to make sure it will running well. And know how to  fitting every steel plate and block to ensure that the trash cans are not leaking.

The medical trash can is slightly different from the ordinary trash can. The ordinary trash can does not require high product assembly, which is basically the cooperation between the lid and the body. However, in order to ensure that medical waste will not be dumped during transportation, the medical waste bin will have a lot of leak-proof parts. A set of medical trash can molds consists of at least 10 parts, which is relatively high in terms of product assembly requirements, and the precision requirements of the molds will increase a lot.


Zhilian Mould has been in the mould industry for more than ten years. We have an experienced design team, a careful and easy  communicate mould manufacturing team, and excellent after-sales service. Hope have chance to work with plastic product suppliers all over the world,We would like to provide the best mold solutions for the entire industry.

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