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Me and plastic mould——Chapter 1

Posted by admin on Jun 10th, 2015

Hello everone, I’m Hillary, a sales person of Huangyan Zhilian Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd. From now on, I will write a series blogs about me and the plastic mould from time to time. At the same time, any advices or comments are welcomed.

To be honest, I never heard about this product until I took the job as a sales person in this plastic mould company. We all know that in China we have a policy that is the division of liberal arts and science in high school, and it is carried out according to our interest. Therefore, as a student of liberal arts, I stopped learning  the courses of science, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and so on. What’s more, we are traditionally restricted to apply for limited university subjects based on our choices of science or liberal arts in high school. So  I never had a chance or interest to come into contact with plastic mould, and in my mind, those cold, ugly steel thing is nothing but boring. Well, you never know what will happen next. I got this job oppotunity by chance and I took it at last because it’s so difficult for us the  newly graduated college students to find a suitable job. In this way, here I am, writing this new and confusing blog.

 Actually, writting blog is a work task from our manager. Well, since I barely know about mould and I ‘m not willing to copy something I don’t even understand  from somewhere else, so I decide to write something that can witness the change of me all by myself. Luckly, with the deepening understanding of plastic mould, I now sort of get the fun of it. Maybe it is just because I finally find out that it’s not as difficult as I ever thought after I got familiar with it. At present, I begin my leaning of it from both book and the instruction of those mould makers, and I hope I can say proudly in the near future that I am a sales person of plastic mould.

To be continued……



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