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Hot Runner Mold Benefits

Posted by admin on July 15th, 2015

There are several benefits to using a hot runner mold as opposed to a cold runner mold. When designed and built correctly, hot runners are easy to use and allow an injection molding company to save costs and increase productivity.

Thinner Walled Parts

A hot runner makes it easier for a molding machine to inject plastic into a mould cavity. A hot runner increases the capability of a molding machine. It reduces the plastic flow length, so a molder can save material by making thinner and lighter parts.

Shorter Cycle Time

A shorter opening stroke can be used, as there is no runner to eject saving cycle time. Injection fill times are shorter because the plastic flow length is shorter which also saves cycle time. What’s more, for high cavitation moulds runners need to be thick and cold runners will need a long cooling time before being solid enough to eject from a mold.

Hot Runner Manufacturers

There are more than 20 hot runner manufacturers making high quality hot runners around the world today. Each one can custom make a hot runner to fit a new mold design. The high number of manufacturers means competition keeps prices under control. Good support is also available from most of them.

Mold Makers Can Make Hot Runners

Some injection mold makers are capable of making their own hot runners. The advantage is that one company can take full responsibility of the entire mold and it reduces the hot runner price.

Other Benefits:

Other benefits of hot runners:

  • hot runners available for both single cavity and multi cavity moulds
  • can be used with most plastic materials and part designs
  • are easy to maintain
  • reduce the number of moving plates in a mold
  • gives good gate vestige
  • can use with close pitch mold designs

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