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Gating system

Posted by admin on July 1st, 2015

Gating system means plastic from the nozzle portion of the cavity before entering the flow path, including the sprue, cold-slug, runner and gate and so on.

Gating system, also known as runner system, it is the plastic melt by an injection machine nozzle toward a group of cavity feed channels, usually by the sprue, runner, runner and cold-slug composition. It is directly related to the quality and productivity molding plastic products.


It is connected to the mold injection molding machine nozzle to shunt some channel or cavity. The main road to the top is concave and the nozzle adapter. Sprue inlet diameter should be slightly larger than the diameter of the nozzle (O.8mm) to avoid overflow and to prevent the interception of both inaccurate due to the convergence occurs. Imported products according to the size of the diameter, usually 4-8mm. Sprue diameter expanded at an angle of 3 ° to 5 ° within shall order flow stripping superfluous material.

Cold slug

It is located in the main channel at the end of a hole to trap shoot between the mouth end of two injections produced by cold material, thereby preventing clogging of the shunt or gate. If cold material once mixed in the cavity, then the system is easy to produce products in internal stress. Cold slug diameter of about 8 to lOmm, depth of 6mm. In order to facilitate the release, usually borne by the bottom release lever. Top of the release lever should be designed to zigzag trench subsidence hook or set so that it can successfully pull out the sprue Warts when stripping.


It is a multi-slot die in the main channel and connected each cavity of the channel. In order to melt the cavities filled with equal speed, diversion channel arranged on the mold should be symmetrical and equally spaced. Runner-sectional shape and size of the flow of the plastic melt, releasing products and mold manufacturing difficulty has an impact. If you press the equal quantity of flow, it places a circular cross section of the flow path of least resistance. But the cylindrical flow path surface area is small, the cooling of the shunt Warts unfavorable, and this shunt must be opened on the mold halves, both laborious and difficult to align. Therefore, regular use of a trapezoidal or semi-circular cross-section of the runner, and is set on a half mold with the release lever. Runner surfaces must be polished to reduce the flow resistance provided faster filling speeds. The flow path is determined by the size of the plastic variety, product size and thickness. For most thermoplastics, runner-sectional width does not exceed 8m, up to 10 a large 12m, especially small 2-3m. In the premise of meeting the needs of the cross-sectional area should be minimized, to avoid increasing the shunt Warts and extend the cooling time.


It is on the main road (or shunt) and the cavity of the channel. The cross-sectional area of the channels can be with the mainstream channels (or shunt) are equal, but often reduced. So it is the smallest part of the whole system, the cross-sectional area of the flow path. The shape and dimensions of the gate great impact on product quality.

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