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Foldable crate mould

Posted by admin on July 10th, 2015

Foldable crate mould, Zhilian Mould is one of  leading foldable crate mould suppliers in China. As a famous foldable crate mould company, we offer the foldable crate design and various foldable crate high speed injection molding solution.

High quality foldable crate mould normally use Cu-Be with Din1.2311 steel material as mould cavity and core. Because there are many ribs in the foldable crate, we adopt hot runner as the runner system. The followings are the advantages of using hot runner for foldable crate mould:
1. Improve filling effect during foldable crate mould injection, so that improve the foldable crate mould surface quality;
2. Reduce the molding cycle time of foldable crate mould, improve the mould quality;
3. Reduce the waste of cold runner, lower the cost.

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Posted by Mandy Tang

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