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Exhaust system of moulds

Posted by admin on July 25th, 2015

Exhaust systems plays a vital act forming for ensuring the quality of product. They include:

First, the use of exhaust ducts, exhaust ducts generally located in the cavity is filled to the last part of the exhaust groove depth due to different injection molding plastic housing different parties, basically no plastic allowed to fly to the biggest frontier gap determined as ABS 0.04 to 0.02mm or less gray mud injection technician Saigang 0.02.

Second, the use of core inserts Putters fit clearance or special exhaust vent plugs; phone battery low pressure injection

Third, sometimes in order to prevent deformation of products to create a vacuum at the top of the, shall set up gas sales;

Fourth, sometimes in order to prevent mold injection molding company products and Suzhou prefecture vacuum, and be designed to prevent the vacuum suction elements.

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