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Die maintenance

Posted by admin on July 1st, 2015

1, processing enterprises should first give each deputy dies with history card, detailed records, statistics, use, care (lubrication, cleaning, rust) and damage, pursuant to which can be found in parts, components have been damaged, worn degree of size to providing discovery and problem-solving information, and molding process parameters of the mold, the product materials used to shorten the mold test time and improve production efficiency.

2, processing enterprises should be under the injection molding machine, mold normal operation, the test mold various properties, and the final molding of plastic parts dimensions measured may be determined by the existing state of the mold that information to find out cavity, core cooling system and sub-surface damage such as where, according to information provided by the plastic parts, you can determine the status of the mold damage and repair measures.

3, several important parts of the mold to focus track testing: top out, the role of the guide member is to ensure that mold opening and closing the top of the movement and plastic parts, if any of these positions due to injuries and stuck, will lead to cut-off, it should be keep mold thimble, lubricating guide post (to choose the most suitable lubricant), and regularly check the thimble, guide posts and whether the deformation and surface damage, once discovered, to be replaced; after the completion of a production cycle, To Die work surface, sports, professional guide member coated anti-rust oil, in particular, attention should be paid to the elastic strength with gear, rack mold bearing parts and spring mold of protection to ensure that it is always in top working condition; as production lasted, cooling channels easily deposited scale, rust, mud and algae, so that the cooling flow channel cross-section becomes smaller, the cooling channel narrowed significantly reduce the rate of heat exchange between the coolant and the mold, increasing production costs, and therefore the flow channel The clean-up should pay attention; for hot runner mold, the maintenance of heating and control system helps prevent production faults, therefore particularly important. Thus, should all the end of each production cycle on the mold band heaters, rod-type heater, heating probes and thermocouples to measure with an ohmmeter, if damaged, must be promptly replaced, and the mold resume comparison, make a record, so that timely identify problems and take countermeasures.

4, pay attention to the maintenance of the mold surface, it directly affects the surface quality of the product, focusing on preventing corrosion, therefore, the choice of a suitable, high-quality, professional anti-rust oil is particularly important. When the mold is complete production tasks, should adopt different methods depending on the injection carefully remove residual injection molding, available copper, copper and professional mold cleaners remove residual injection mold and other deposits, then air-dried. Disable wire, steel bars and other hard objects to clean up, so as not to scratch the surface. If rust pitting corrosion caused by injection, using a grinder to polishing and spray on professional anti-rust oil, and then the mold in a dry, cool, no dust at storage.

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