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Customized table moulds made by Zhilian Mould

Posted by admin on Sep 10th, 2015

Zhilian Mould is professional in making and exporingt all kinds of plastic table molds. Including large plastic table, dinning table, children’s table, pleastic desk and plastic folding tables.

Depending on the circumstances, in general, it including the kindergarten plastic table moulddining room  table mouldoffice plastic table mould and outdoor plastic table molds.

Application of gas-assisted process, we created a nice plastic imitation rattan table mould, the product looks very close to nature.

An obvious feature of plastic table mold is the product shape. In order to avoid the deformation of the plastic table surface,  we will generally add a lot of ribs to increase the strength of the desktop. Product modeling stage, we will basically increase on the desktop shrinking, to avoid the shrinkage problem, so that the surface of the table will be more beautiful. Due to the shape of the table, the cooling effect of the plastic table mould is quite high,  Before mold design, we generally will use mold flow analysis to identify the best location of the cooling.

Below are part of our table moulds, please click it to get more details:

chair and table mould.jpg   children's chair and table mould.jpgchildren's table and stool mould.jpg   dining table mould.jpgwedding table mould.jpg   mahjong table mould.jpgdesk mould.jpg   table mould.jpg


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