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China zhilian plastic injection mould making company

Posted by admin on Qct 6th, 2015

In order to optimally cope with the rapid developments in mould making, Zhilian mould company are specialized in the following types of injection moulds for packaging articles:

Flower pots
Margarine, ice cream and delicatessen containers
Food and non-food packaging products
Drinking cups – buckets – lids

These products come in the following formats:

Round, oval, square or rectangular
With or without tamper-proof closure
Special types of decoration such as IML
Buckets with handle moulded in the same mould
Volumes up to approx. 20 litres

Zhilian mould company has developed its own hot runner system which can be installed with individually heated and feedback-controlled tips, with or without pneumatic needle shut-off. They produce their own standard components which are available in stock.

Arrangement of cavities are to suit the customer’s specific requirements, single- or double-face moulds are possible. For particular applications they offer mould design (family mould) for container and lid injection moulded in same process.
Prior to delivery all our injection moulds are tested on our own injection moulding machines. The moulds are subjected to a clearly specified test programme. Clients are only supplied with fully tested moulds that are ready for production.
Technical documents such as product and assembly drawings, operating instructions, test record sheets and sample products are part of our scope of supply.

If you are interested in, welcome to contact with us.

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