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Brief introduction of moulds

Posted by admin on July 24th, 2015

1, the general definition of the mold: parts or products in industrial production, with a variety of presses and special tools mounted on the press, by the pressure of the metallic or non-metallic material of a desired shape, such special tools are collectively known as the mold .

2, injection molding process description: Mold is a plastic tool production. It consists of several groups of components parts, this combination successful mold cavity. Injection molding, the mold clamping on injection molding machine, molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity, and the cavity cooling setting, then splits up and down through the top of the article from the mold cavity will leave the top of the mold, the mold is finally closed for the next injection, the whole cycle of the injection molding process.

3, the general classification of the mold: can be divided into plastic molds and non-plastic mold:

(1) Non-plastic mold are: die casting, forging, stamping die, die-casting molds.

A. Casting mold – taps, iron platform B. Forging die – Car body C. Stamping die – computer panel D. Die Casting – super alloy, the cylinder block

(2) plastic mold according to the different production processes and production of products is divided into:

A. Injection molding – TV cabinet, keyboard buttons (the most common) B. Blow molding – bottles C. Compression molding – Bakelite switch, science bowl dish D. Transfer molding – IC products E. Extrusion molding – glue tube, plastic bags F. Thermoforming mold – transparent shell molding packaging G. Rotational molding – soft toy doll

Injection mold is made up of several steel plates with a variety of component parts, the basic divided into:

A molding apparatus (die, punch) B positioning means (I.-I. sleeve) C fixture (the word board, code mode pits) D cooling system (carrying water hole) E thermostat system (heating pipe, the hotline) F runner system (jack Tsui hole, runner groove, runner holes) G ejection system (thimble, top stick)

4, hot runner systems, also known as hot runner system, mainly composed of hot sprue bush, hot runner plate, thermostat electrical box. The most common hot runner system with a single point and multi-point hot runner thermal gate two forms. Single-point hot runner is directly injected into the molten plastic cavity hot runner with a single set, it applies to a single gate single cavity plastic mold; multi-point hot runner hot runner plate by molten material to the respective branches Heat and sprue bush and then into the cavity, which applies to single-chamber or multi-cavity mold into the material.

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