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All kinds of plastic chair injection molds by Zhilian Mould

Posted by admin on Sep 10th, 2015

Zhilian Mould is a professional mould manufacturer in designing and making plastic chair mould. We produce about 90 sets chair molds one year, including PC transparent plastic chair molds, whole set of plastic chairs and  tables moulds, PP chair mould and so on.

For the style of the chair, the plastic chair mould includes the traditional style and personalized style.
According to different customers, our plastic chair mold includes children plastic chair mould and adult plastic chair mould.
Depending on location environment, our plastic chair mould includes indoor plastic chair mold and outdoor chair mould.
According to the different requirements of customers, including plastic arm chair mould, plastic armless chair mould, etc., classic style and and the European plastic chair molds with personality.

During the manufacturing process of plastic chair injection mould, we concern about the cycle of the chair molds, the  parting line, wall thickness, and exhaust, as well as chair of our production constantly. To sum up, now we already have  mature technology and experience.

These are some of our chair mould products, click the picture to get more details.

chair mould.jpg   kids chiar mould.jpg   beach chair mould.jpgchair mould.jpg   chair mould.jpgchair mould.jpg   chair mould.jpgchair mould.jpg   side chair mould.jpgplastic baby high chair mould.jpg


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