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About mould price

Posted by admin on July 7th, 2015

Many clients complained about the mould price, but the price of mould is mot only decided by the seller, it’s also decided by the buyer. In general, mold price depends on several factors as following:

First, the size, shape and structure of the molds are directly related to the mould price. More complicated the mould structure is, the more time you need to put into it, and of cause higher the mould price will be.
Second, mould life.  Different mould life requires different mould material. And the mould material of the mould is the key factor of the mould price.  The steel prices varies among 2738, 2316, H13, 718, S136, SKD61, P20 ect.
Third, the number of mold cavity required, which means every time you open the mould, how many products it can produce.  This generally aim at those products that are not too large.
Fourth, other specified requirements about the brand of runner systemand other mould parts.  All these costs will be included in the mould cost.

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