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Trash bin mould and it’s regular maintenance

Posted by admin on Nov 25th, 2015

Zhilian mould are professional in manufacturing different liters of plastic trash bin moulds, such as 80L, 120L,360L,660L,1100L trash bin moulds. There are types of trash bin mould. For example, houseware dustin mould, industrial trash bin mould, public garbage bin mould and lovely trash can mould. We has strict quality control system and high efficiency work team, our engineers and masters had at least 10 years experience in moulds. Our company has the advanced equipments for mould manufacture as well as the qualified trained employees.

Injection mold in trash bin production, need regular maintenance, the maintenance doable in the injection molding machine is called primary care.

The reason to do primary maintenance is because in the production trash bin mold often occurs the following situation: the tiny material chips will be flying, volatile lubricants lead to insufficient lubrication, loose parts cause other risks and other situations.

That the case is bound to happen in the case of the injection molding process, so do the maintenance is necessary.

Primary maintenance are as follow:
During the production process, wipe with a cloth every 8 hours on the parting surface both core and cavity side. But attention not to wipe mirror polished or textured core to avoid scratch.
During production process need to give guide pin, slider or sliding parts coated with lubricant once a day, play a ejector pin oil, to prevent wear damage or stuck.
Each shift should check whether the slider and ejector pin moves abnormal, spring is broken?
If found any problem should immediately stop production.
When found the product stick to cavity or core, should immediately stop production and don’t use diagonal pliers to take out the product.
If production stops, regardless of short time stop, required to immediately turn off the chilled water to prevent mold rust.
When take off the mold from the IMM, must ensure no water left in the cooling line and mold. Wipe clean the parting surface and check whether there is mold damage.

If you have any question about trash bin mould, welcome to contact us.

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