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plastic chair mould

Posted by admin on July 1st, 2015

We offer plastic chair molding factory building service, offer chair injection molding solutions, technologies training and so on. Zhilian Mould has delivered so many plastic table and chair molding factories’ building to all over the world, especially in Africa countries. For the normal chair molding, we realize the cycle time 35 seconds with the chair molding machine 780TON, a robot pick out the molded chair and making the stacking. Zhilian Mould made annually more then 100 sets of plastic chair mold. We guarantee to our customer that each chair can molding 10Million pcs.

A Chair Molding facotry need below devices:

  • Chair Injection Molding machines 650TON,780TON or 1080TON. The machine size selection based on your chair size and chair molds structure.
  • Chair Molds, armrest chair, armless chair, gas assist injection chair mold…
  • Robot to pick the molded chair from the mold ( this option can be selected)
  • Water Chiller
  • Material Mixer
  • Crusher

Any inquiry about the plastic chair mould. Please contact us.
We will give you the best offer.

Posted by Mandy Tang

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