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5 Gallon Bucket Mold

Posted by admin on Aug 21st, 2015

Taizhou Huangyan Zhilian Mould is specialized in injection mould’s R&D,design and manufacturing,who have rich-experience in making plastic bucket moulds. Advance manufacturing equipments and good management system can offer the moulds with the features of high quality,low cost,long lifetime and minimal maintenance.

Product name: 5 gallon bucket mold
Mould size: 360*360*390mm
Mould cavity: 2 cavities
Runner system: 1point YUDO hot runner
Ejection system: ejector block
Mould running: automaticity or product pick up by robot arm
Product material: HDPE/ PP
Mould steel: 2316/2344/2738/718/P20
Mould base: S50C
Injection cycle time: 13S
Injection machine: 120T
Mould life: 1.5 million shots
Delivery time: 40 days
Suitable for IML process
Our Advantages: 1. Advanced mould design
2. High quality hot runner, standard parts, hydraulic cylinder, mould steel
3. High production efficiency (fast and optimal cooling system design for high speed injection)
4. Superb polishing makes your products very bright and improves the added value of the products
5. Ensure the wall thickness between plus and minus 0.03mm
6. Excellent exhaust system
7. Suitable for the production of recycled material
8. 100% explosion-proof, anti water leakage

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