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120L plastic dustbin mould

Posted by admin on May 5th, 2017

dustbin mould widely use in our daily life.School,street,hospital,restaurant all this republic place are need use plastic dustbin. 120L dustbin  and 240L dustbin is most use in street and kitchen of restaurant.For school and hospital will be more like to use 80L or trash can.

Zhilian mould  have experience about 120L dustbin mould,240L dustbin mould,80L dustbin mould and trash can mould. The most important things for plastic dustbin mould is cycle time.Dustbin mould is big,it is not easy to injection and cooling. Usually we use Becu to help the dustbin mould to cooling faster  and save cycle time.Also our design team do very good job on plastic dustbin mould cooling channel. For the injection,first we will do the mould flow analysis to dustbin mould. This can help us to check the best solution of runner.

plastic dusbin mould

Balance injection to dustbin mould also very important.When we in T1 trial,we will let half or 1/3 material injection into dustbin mould first. To check that does the mould is balance injection or not.If not,we need do some adjust on dustbin mould.

Offer best mould solution to customer is the main aim of  Zhilian mould. Welcome contact me for cooperate.Alice will be always here.

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