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Short-term loading

Posted by admin on July 25th, 2012

Short-term loads are those imposed during handling and assembly, and during usage where the load is applied occasionally with short durations. The following suggestions apply to parts that will be subject to short-term loading conditions.

Use proportional limit in stress-strain curve

Designers should consider the stress-strain behavior of the plastic material when designing parts for bearing short-term loads. The proportional limit should be used as the maximum allowable stress in the design calculations to avoid permanent deformation of the part and possible loss of function.

Use stiffeners and fiber reinforcements

Stiffeners, such as ribs and gussets, are often used to increase the part strength. Fiber reinforcements, oriented in a favorable direction, can also increase the part strength. You should consider using ribs for parts with large spans. Increasing the rib height and/or decreasing the spacing (span) between the ribs also improves part strength.

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