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plastic injection pallet mould

Posted by admin on Aug 10th, 2012


1.Pallet mouldlife:1 million shots
2.Pallet mould cavity/core:P20H,or 2738
3.Pallet molding time:120s…

plastic injection pallet mould 

                      TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Type of mould

Injection mould

Small,medium,large mold

Mold Material

S136, P20, 718H , 2738 , NAK80 ,1.2311 etc

Nr of Cavities

1+1,1+2+1,2+2,4+4,Single or mutilcativies

Cycle time


Injection machine


Life span of mold



According to material

Product Material

PE , PP, HDPE , PPR , PVC , PP , PS , PET , ABS , PC , etc

Injection Type

Hot Runner

QTY of Drops

Cold Runner

Hot sprue,Sequential Injection

Gate Point

Edge gate, Pin point gate, Subgates, Fan gate, bayer


Round Ejector Pin


Outer, inner slider, lifter

Surface finish

Tech polish, High gloss, Texture,VDI 3400

Mould hot treatment

Tempering , Quending , Nitriding

Main Processing Equipment

Sodick, Seiki, CNC , high speed carve , EDM ,wire cut , drill

Our equipments are from Japan & Taiwan, we can supply you one-stop service as we can do all steps: mould design & making, plastic process , and surface process with printing, spraying, Lesar marked,  Sputtering  etching, electroplating…etc.

We are skilled in making many kinds of injection
molds for plastic items, such as computers, communications, household appliances,
gymnasium materials, medical appliances and the accessories of the car.With CNC, grinding machine, lathe, drill press, and EDM centers, we can supply top quality molds and competitive price depends on customer’s requests (3D drawing or CAD drawing or samples).



Mould pack: wooden splint(export standard)

Product pack:pp bag or nylon bag +carton

Product spe: customer’s demanding

we can supply top quality molds and competitive price depends on customer’s requests (3D drawing or CAD drawing or samples)

If you are interested in our products , please contact us !!!


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