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Mold composition

Posted by admin on July 1st, 2015

Although the plastic mold structure and performance of varieties, shapes and types of plastic products, structures and different injection machine that might ever-changing, but the basic structure is the same. Die mainly by gating system, thermostat system, molded parts and structural parts. Wherein the gating system and molded parts are in direct contact with the plastic part, and with plastic and products change, the mold is the most complex, the greatest change, the most demanding part of the finish and precision machining.

Injection mold by the movable mold and the fixed mold of two parts, the movable die is mounted on the movable platen injection molding machine, scheduled to die is mounted on the stationary platen injection molding machine. During injection molding of the movable die and the fixed mold casting system and constitute a closed cavity mold when the movable die and the stationary die to take out the separation of plastics. To reduce the heavy workload of mold design and manufacture, injection mold they use a standard mold.

Gating system

Gating system means plastic from the nozzle portion of the cavity before entering the flow path, including the sprue, cold-slug, runner and gate and so on. Gating system, also known as runner system, it is the plastic melt by an injection machine nozzle toward a group of cavity feed channels, usually by the sprue, runner, runner and cold-slug composition. It is directly related to the quality and productivity molding plastic products.

Thermostat system

In order to meet the mold injection process temperature requirements, the need for temperature control system to adjust the temperature of the mold. For thermoplastics by injection molding, cooling system primarily designed mold cooling. Common approaches mold cooling cooling water passage is opened in the mold, the use of cooling water circulating heat away mold; heating the mold can be used in addition to the cooling water passage of hot water or steam, but can also be installed inside and around the mold power heating element.

Molded parts

Molded parts constituting the articles refers to the shape of the various parts, including movable mold, fixed mold and cavity, core, forming stem and an exhaust vent. Molded part from the core and die components. The core forms the inner surface of the article, the die forms the outer surface shape of the article. After the mold core and cavity will form the mold cavity. According to process and manufacturing requirements, and sometimes the core and die by the combination of several pieces, sometimes made whole, only fragile, difficult to machine parts used inserts.

Structural parts

It refers to the various parts constituting the mold structure, comprising: a guide, ejection, core pulling and genotyping of various parts. The context plywood, before deduction template, pressure plate, bearing columns, guide posts, stripper, stripping pole and the return pole and so on.

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