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Gate of Injection Mold

Posted by admin on July 14th, 2015

Plastic mold gate is a connection between the runner and strong short period of fine runner,  and it is also the entrance of the resin injected into the cavity.  The shape, number and size and location of the gate of a mould have a significant impact on the plastic parts. So the choice of gate  is one of the key points when design a mould.

1. The main function of the gate:

First, after the cavity is filled, the melted plastic will congeal first so that it won’t flow backward.

Second, easy to remove the tails.

Third, for those Multi-cavity mold, it helps to control the location of  weld line.

2. Normal gate type:

In our production, we choose the gate type according to the product structure, different requirements of appearance and the demand of automation. Those normal gate type are:

1.Sprue gate or direct gate.

For those products which have no requirements about the appearance of gate, we usually choose this type of gate. Easy to process, but hard to remove the tails.

2. Side gate.

For those products like TZ-C1041、TZ-C1051、T-C1061, which are not allowed to have gate on both sides, we choose this type of gate.

3. Sub-gate.

Sub-gate is the most common gate type of plastic injection mold. This gate can blank automatically, meet the needs of automation, and leave no gate mark in product surface.

4. Edge gate.

5. Pin gate.

6. Tab gate.

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