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Determining runner dimensions

Posted by admin on Aug 2nd, 2012

Factors you’ll need to consider

The diameter and length of runners influence flow resistance. The higher the flow resistance in the runner, the higher the pressure drop will be. Reducing flow resistance in runners by increasing the diameter will use more resin material and cause a longer cycle time if the runner has to cool down before ejection. First design the diameter by using empirical data or the following equation. Then fine-tune the runner diameter using C-MOLD to optimize the delivery system.


Following is the formula for runner dimension design:


D=  runner diameter (mm)

W=  part weight (g)

L=  runner length (mm)

Example: using empirical data to calculate runner dimensions

Figures 1 and 2 provide empirical data that you can use to calculate runner dimensions. For example, what should the runner diameter be for an ABS part of 300 grams, with a nominal thickness of 3 mm, and a runner length of 200 mm?

1According to Figure 1, take the point of 300 grams of the ordinate, draw a horizontal line and meet the line of nominal thickness = 3 mm, draw a vertical line through the intersection point and meet the abscissa at 5.8 mm. This is the reference diameter.

2UsingFigure 2, take the point of 200 mm of the coordinate, draw a horizontal line and meet the curve, draw a vertical line through the intersection point and meet the abscissa at 1.29. This is the length coefficient.

3Multiply 5.8 mm by 1.29 to calculate the runner diameter. The diameter is 7.5 mm.

FIGURE 1. Runner diameter chart for several materials. G=weight (g); S=nominal thickness (mm); D=reference diameter (mm).

FIGURE 2. Effect of runner length and length coefficient on diameter.

Typical runner diameters

Typical runner diameters for unfilled materials are listed in Table 1.




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