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Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Posted by admin on Aug 7th, 2015

Custom plastic injection molding are complex. You must be as specific as possible as you convey your project to the manufacturer in order to get an accurate quote and a reasonable timeline. It helps to have as much information upfront as possible. As you plan your plastic molding project, here are a few factors to consider and to discuss with your manufacturing team.

Cost Limitations

The cost of your project can vary depending on how much homework you’ve done, among other factors. Here are a few examples of cost considerations you should make well in advance:

Design: Has your project already been designed? If so, have you already created a prototype? If no prototype, do you have your design in digital format or paper? The more production-ready you are when you approach the manufacturer, the more likely you are to have a lower cost.

Material: Do you have a specific material in mind for your project? If you are trying to keep expenses as low as possible, let the manufacturer know that you are willing to use the lowest cost polymer capable of producing a quality product. More on that below.

Color and texture: Both of these elements can influence cost. Color, for example, can get costly if you’re expecting a product with a glossy finish. The level of texture detail can also drive up prices, although you have multiple options to keep costs down.

What Material to Use

When determining the material to use, you have to consider both preference and necessity. You can’t always opt for the cheaper option because of the risk of damage either during production or after you’ve received the product. A product that cracks or must be recalled later on can cost your company a huge amount of money — especially when compared with the cost of using the higher quality material in the first place. Plus, don’t forget about your brand’s reputation.

Thorough testing for maximum service temperature, maximum stress and environmental effects ahead of time can help you avoid potentially costly errors. Your manufacturer can help you with each of these, so it’s important to give them that freedom rather than relying solely on datasheets.

Size of Production Run

Naturally, the larger the production run, the more you will pay for material costs. However, larger production runs can save you in the end, as the reduced cost to manufacture in bulk can negate the cost of materials. Speak with your manufacturer to determine when it makes sense to up the size of your production.

Production Speed

How quickly do you need your product? As with any manufacturing process, plastic molding has its time constraints based on the size of the production run, the level of detail and the quality of the end product.

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