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Crate mould

Posted by admin on Aug 6th, 2015

Crate Mould is one of Zhilian mould company’s main mould series, which includes bottle crate mould, industrial crate mould, fish crate mould, vegetable crate mould, bread crate mould, fruit crate mould and other plastic crate moulds. Zhilian mould about 4 cavities crate mould design have been updated many times, it is suitable for high speed injection moulding, and the injection speed can approach 32 seconds.

Crate Mould Maker

Zhilian mould company is a custom plastic injection molding company located in the mould town of China with a wide variety of machines, customized plastic injection molding plant can handle most job requirements. What’s more, plastics engineers and processors are familiar with many types of injection molding series including but not limited to:

China crate mould

during the mould design, we will make a full analysis of the product structure and mould structure. Plastic crate mould have strict requirements of cooling system, we need to consider the location and efficiency of the cooling system, and at the same time, we need to consider it’s influence on the mould structure. We also need to decide the size of cooling system. Especially the cooling system aroud the cavity and core, as well as side cores, the design of cooling opponents and the selection of standard cooling parts. Zhilian mould company will consider all these questions at the beginning of the mould design.

The maitenance of plastic crate mould

It is much more important than repair. The more you repair, the shorter mould life. Good maintenance means loog mould life.the mould maintenace includes:
1, everyday maitenance: oil maintenance of every parts, like ejection pin, guide pin, guide pin sprue. Clean exterior and interior of the mould, make sure cooling system is not blocked.
2, period maintenance, besides everyday maintenance, also clear the venting system. The modification of weared out and broken parts.
3. Surfice maintenance: paint the mould base to prevent it from rust. When the mould is not in use. Brush oil on the surfice of cores and cavities, and to make it is shut tight, so dust can not get in the cavity.
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