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thin wall mold

The thin wall mold that made by zhilian are mostly used in dishware and industry necessity and so on. Zhilian design and empolder product according the requirements of customers,and we control the wall thick over than 0.4mm. We could manufacture one cavity,two cavities or four cavities thin wall mold according the specifications of the product and machine,and the products wall thickness is very uniformity.
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Thin Wall Mold Features
1.We mainly design and make the molds of high-speed thin wall mold.
2.To meet the needs of thin wall mold, we purchased high precision equipments like CAM and CNC from aboard to ensure the mold's minimum tolerance.
3.At present, the wall thickness of our thin wall mold can achieve 0.4 mm in regard to different products.
4.The thin wall mold can be made in four cavities or more, with even thickness.
Thin Wall Mold Description
Demands to create smaller, thinner odd-shaped parts have made the ability to design and build thin wall mold a well sought after commodity. With over 10 years of mold building experience for the packaging industry, zhilian has not only progressed with the technological demands, but has met new demands head on.
From single cavity prototypes to multi-cavity stack molds, from round to square, from zhilian hot runners to some of our patented ejection technologies, zhilian has you covered.
Our tools are built with the highest technology and with great consideration to balanced cooling, ease of maintenance and longevity. This enables us to achieve shorter cycles, less downtime and consistent part quality. This gives our customers the best possible end product, reduced costs and higher productivity.
We take pride in all the thin wall molds we manufacture. Through research and development, we continue to invest in technological improvements. zhilian's dedicated R&D group will continue to bring our customers new product solutions and better mold technologies.

Mould Features:

1. Skilled Language to ensure good communion
2. Rational mould design,reduce production cycle time,extend mould life
3.Mirror hand polishing to create added-value
4. Precision Machining,fine parting line effect
5. Fine mould cooling system,high production efficiency,
6. Special in exported mould,experienced in international standard
7. Full automatic, high efficiency;
We can supply various kinds of thin wall moulds

Thin-wall high speed injection mould

High speed injection thin-wall mould technical points:
1. special design for interlock system of thinwall injection moulds.
2. injection system design and special cooling system.
3. high precision machining process.
4. correct selection to the steel for different components in mould.
5. special air venting system for the thin-wall mould.
6. high speed injection system for the thin-wall moulds.
7. in mould labeling design on the mould.