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Precision Injection Moulding

Welcome to Zhilian Mould Co.,Ltd.

Zhilian Mould Co.,Ltd. provides plastic injection moulding solutions to the international market. We support a wide range of industries including automotive, plastic packaging (including food packaging), medical and building industries.
Zhilian continues to invest in new automation technologies and facilities. Operating from facilities (8800 m2) in Preston, Victoria and our new facility in mould town of China, Zhilian is focused on unsurpassed quality and value in both its injection moulded and assembled products.
We now have 3 different facets to our growing business.
Precision Injection Moulding
Highly regarded for our success in manufacturing close tolerance, complex components. In addition we offer value-added services such as multi-component moulding, insert moulding, printing, welding and automated assembly.
Plastic Packaging and Food Packaging.
Supplying high quality and high volume plastic packaging and food packaging products for the FMCG industries.